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Plenty of Affordable Living, Dining and Bedroom Inspiration

Do you dream of affordable home furnishing designed with quality and comfort in mind? With THE One furniture store you can create your interior and home for a great price. And that without compromising on quality and originality. Thanks to our more than 25 years of experience in efficiency and manufacturing, we make it happen. Our home furnishing collections give you the opportunity to follow trends closely. Choose from unique and distinctive furniture designs in your favourite living style. Make your home a place where you really feel at home, completely furnished to your needs.

THE One furniture stores make personalising your interior a reality with furnishings that matches different living styles and inspirational collections that can be found in our Theatres (that is what we call our furniture stores) across the Middle East, or browse and shop our online furniture store. Because we offer so much variation in our furniture and home décor collections and ranges, you always be able to find the most beautiful products and latest trends online and in-store with us so you can transform your interior into a space that is a reflection of you and your personality. With our unique designs from our furniture range, you are guaranteed to give your interior its own style. Home furnishing, always at the best affordable prices.

Let us help you create your dream home. Whether you are looking for sofas that are relaxing, stylish, and comfortable for your living room; furniture for the dining room where you will be cosy dining, discussing the day, working, and doing homework; or turning your bedroom into a sanctuary for daydreaming and night sleeping with our bedroom furniture and home accessories – THE One Total Home Experience is your one-stop-furniture shop.

In addition to a stylish and beautiful home in which quality, comfort and affordability always comes first, THE One also offers several unique advantages and services. From inspiration to free advice and delivery. A Total Home Experience.


How to start THE One Total Home Experience – Furniture & Accessories

It can be overwhelming, and laborious, at times to discover and buy furniture and home decor that will transform your home and space that reflects you. We therefore suggest our customer and fans to either visit their nearest store, visit and shop our online furniture store, or check out our Instagram or Facebook page for offers on home décor and accessories or our Pinterest account to find more inspiration through our collection of home furnishings.


THE One Furniture Store or THE One Furniture Online?

Shopping and buying furniture in a physical store is of course very satisfying. You get to sit on loads of our sofas, test out our beds, get comfortable in our collection of chairs to find the right one for you. Our furniture online store, in terms of choice, offers the same shopping experience, styles and collections with only just a few clicks away from the comfort from your home. As a furniture store, we are here for you, give you options in every style and at affordable prices. THE One offers a Total Home Experience both online and in-store.


THE One Total Home Experience – more than just a furniture store

As a home fashion brand and furniture store that sources from all over the world, THE One is committed to helping protect it and the people who live in it. Therefore, we only deal with manufacturers who commit to not use child labour or wood from rainforests. Apart from the ethical sourcing, our way of making a difference is through hiring challenged individuals and contributing to a number of causes through our local volunteering initiatives, including the ‘Big Idea: Global Education through THE Onederworld – a Sustainably Village Community Programme, with completed school-building projects in India and Africa.


THE One Total Home Experience – the important extras we offer as a furniture store

Happy employees delivering a world class service. Best Price Guarantee. Quick Delivery of all your home furnishing needs.

Whether you shop in our Theatres or our online furniture store, our aim has always been to inspireour fans with the latest trends in Home Furnishings with collections that are unique, always different, limited and affordable whilst at the same time Changing the World Together. To this end, we support a number of local and international charities, and take every opportunity to employ physically and mentally challenged individuals in our furniture stores and office.


THE One Home Styling

Are you still finding it difficult to make choices to create a lovely home? Let our experienced Home Stylists help you who are available for you 7 days a week to give personal interior advice for every living space and for every budget. They will be able to recommend you all the way from a new piece of furniture to a complete interior with surprising colour and material combinations: your Home Stylist can map out your personal living wishes and styles. Based on floorplans, photos, and mood boards, we can present you a tailor-made furniture and accessory plan and personally let you feel and experience the endless possibilities in store to start bringing your plan to life at home!


How to experience THE One Total Home Experience

Find one of our furniture stores near you or shop and browse our online furniture store and experience a THE One Total Home Experience. Your furniture store that puts quality, comfort, and affordability first.

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L 132 x W 41 x H 147 cm
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L 200 x W 160 x H 29 cm
QAR 2,415
L 200 x W 180 x H 29 cm
QAR 2,105
L 200 x W 120 x H
QAR 2,625
L 200 x W 160 x H 26 cm
QAR 2,835
L 200 x W 180 x H 26 cm
QAR 2,749
L 183 x W 51 x H 61 cm
QAR 1,413
L 71 x W 36 x H 91 cm
QAR 1,095
L 61 x W 41 x H 210 cm
QAR 1,495
L 80 x W 41 x H 210 cm
QAR 3,395
L 180 x W 45 x H 48 cm
QAR 1,697
L 160 x W 45 x H 51 cm
QAR 4,795
L 150 x W 40 x H 110 cm
QAR 5,495
L 100 x W 40 x H 210 cm
QAR 3,295
L 160 x W 45 x H 55 cm
QAR 3,395
L 81 x W 35 x H 162 cm
QAR 1,195
L 176 x W 81 x H 74 cm
QAR 7,895
L 160 x W 40 x H 80 cm
QAR 3,145
TREE of life chest 2 drawers silver
QAR 2,595
L 160 x W 45 x H 55 cm
QAR 2,195
L 161 x W 45 x H 45 cm
QAR 2,995
L 104 x W 28 x H 180 cm
QAR 3,675
L 152 x W 51 x H 92 cm
QAR 199
L 43 x W 56 x H 90 cm
QAR 1,895
L 186 x W 214 x H 90 cm
QAR 5,775
L 120 x W 55 x H 85 cm
QAR 449
Dia 41 x H 41 cm
QAR 2,195
L 90 x W 40 x H 80 cm
QAR 1,895
L 200 x W 79 x H 71 cm
QAR 899
Dia 80 x H 44 cm
QAR 2,247
L 180 x W 45 x H 80 cm
QAR 189
L 88 x W 65 x H 60 cm
QAR 4,495
Dia 100 x H 78 cm
QAR 1,895
L 186 x W 214 x H 90 cm
QAR 449
Dia 41 x H 41 cm
QAR 2,756
L 152 x W 51 x H 86 cm
QAR 2,295
L 186 x W 223 x H 96 cm
QAR 525
Dia 37 x H 45 cm
QAR 2,195
L 107 x W 45 x H 86 cm
QAR 349
L 45 x W 59 x H 98 cm
QAR 1,095
L 69 x W 62 x H 70 cm
QAR 1,995
L 180 x W 93 x H 80 cm
QAR 2,295
L 186 x W 223 x H 96 cm
QAR 995
Dia 80 x H 45 cm
QAR 5,395
L 180 x W 50 x H 89 cm
QAR 1,995
L 194 x W 89 x H 71 cm
QAR 5,595
L 100 x W 40 x H 140 cm
QAR 349
L 45 x W 59 x H 98 cm